Dear friends, dear friends and faithful


We have rehabilitated a preserved place that is part of the JEWISH JEWISH HERITAGE, this place is a legacy received by our elders and bequeathed by our parents, faithful in their time of this synagogue called "SCHTIBELE" whose memory bears witness to a long and generous tradition.

It is also the place that we preserve: it has a painful and beautiful history, from this past, we wanted to strengthen our Jewish consciousness by putting back to the honor, the roots of this magnificent synagogue and this for the new generations.

But, we are alone, no substantial help from the state on the pretext that it does not maintain in the name of secular places of worship, any subsidy of the community because we are not consistorial, it is a choice : which reduces our funding to private helpers, to our faithful, those who are present at our Shabbat services, but unfortunately have no great means, sometimes a guest friend suddenly of sympathy for our "SCHTIBELE "We favor an important gift, it is not enough to sustain our synagogue.

We are not institutional and we do not belong to a movement in particular, we are in the community, an important and present relay despite the size of our "SCHTIBELE" in what the Jewish world of France counts most valuable.

We must live our "SCHTIBELE", so far it owes its spiritual and religious existence to your generosity, we have in mind that our requests are added to other requests, all necessary, we ask for a gesture of the heart even if our call can be followed by other requests, this challenge we must finalize it, it is in our spirit and our will that this "SCHTIBELE" remains a generational witness of what was, that to have survived all the outrages of our Jewish history, it can be honored as a precious emblem of our past, it must be brought to the knowledge of those who will take over, to our children, to your children, precisely because our "heritage" has a human destiny far greater than the prestige synagogues.

We, children of survivors, we hidden children, the last generation before a potential forgetting, we cry because we want to perpetuate a "jewel" of the old times that we are resurrected for the tenderness and the love that we bring to our Judaism and well Moreover, we want to face those who blame us for living.

Our Judaism is profound, our faith is perennial, the future to be foreseen, it is a requirement, it depends on you. That God brings peace to Israel and to the Community.

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